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Segment Notes

Segment Notes

Featured Athlete(s):

Jim Ryan, Kaylin Richardson


Vermont embodies a quaint quintessential New England charm that one might expect from the Green Mountain State, but it's more than just winding backwoods roads and historic covered bridges: it’s also the heart of ski culture in the American Northeast. And no mountain embodies this Vermont ski scene more than Killington, host of the 2019 Audi Fis Women’s World Cup Race, where the fastest racers in the world gathered last November to lay their edges into Killington’s finest East Coast powder. Joining the 30,000 live spectators are former American alpine racer Kaylin Richardson and Killington native-turned-big-mountain skier Jim Ryan, who are ready to revel in the thrills and frills of World Cup action, while also laying down some corduroy carves themselves.

Segment Notes KillingtonPhoto Credit: Jim Ryan


The 1980’s will forever be remembered as the decade that gave us both retro onesies and a period of ski evolution. “Extreme skiing” was coined as freestyle pioneers began pushing the limits of ski descents, going bigger and steeper than ever before. Leading the revolution were guys like Scot Schmidt, Tom Day, and brothers John and Dan Egan, the original freeskiing trailblazers. Now a U.S. Ski Hall of Famer, Scot Schmidt started his extreme skiing career in Warren Miller’s 1983 “Ski Time.” New England natives John and Dan Egan, also Hall of Famers, carried extreme skiing straight through the ‘90s, along with Tom Day, who after a decade in front of the lens, picked up the camera to become one of the most renowned ski filmmakers of our time.

Returning to the Warren Miller silver screen, these extreme skiing legends reunite to pass the torch to a new generation of big mountain skiers, like local athletes Maria and Jack Lovely and Parkin Costain. Pushing the envelope of the sport today, these young guns take heed of the legends that came before as they carry on the evolution of skiing.

Segment Notes MontanaPhoto Credit: Ian Anderson

Featured Athlete(s):

Amie Engerbretson, Lexi duPont, Oskar Enander


Warren Miller audiences have long been captivated by the Swiss Alps ever since Warren started filming there in the 1960’s. The rich tradition of the Swiss, steeped in storybook folklore and mastercraft mountain living, along with the towering peaks, plunging valleys and glacial blue lakes, is enchanting to viewers, photographers, and skiers alike. Ski Racers and fans alike flock to Wengen every winter for the Lauberhorn World Cup - the longest downhill race on the World Cup circuit. Photographers like Oskar Enander come, and sometimes never leave, searching for picture-perfect moments among the mountains. And skiers like Amie Engerbretson and Lexi duPont just can’t seem to stay away, constantly seeking the place where Swiss powder snow becomes infinitely deep. From the slopes of Engelberg to the vast Jungfrau region, Amie and Lexi find themselves, like so many before them, captivated by the mystical charm of the Swiss Alps.

Segment Notes SwitzerlandPhoto Credit: Oskar Enander

Featured Athlete(s):

Baker Boyd, Victor Major, Oskar Enander


Homegrown Colorado locals Victor Major and Baker Boyd never expected they’d find themselves on a heli-ski trip to an island in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean. For someone like Victor, who thrives in technical terrain, alongside a speedy powder hound like Baker, the rugged and rolling Icelandic mountains is the perfect ski trip destination. But in a place like Iceland, the only thing predictable is its unpredictability, especially when it comes to the weather. Ask anyone from Arctic Heli Skiing, and they’ll tell you they can’t guarantee the Northern Lights, but they can promise a fun time. Prepared for anything, and equipped with skis, surf boards, and a healthy sense of adventure, Victor and Baker gear up for the trip of a lifetime.Segment Notes Iceland

Featured Athlete(s):

Forrest Jillson, Tanner Rainville


The first time Points North Heli-Adventures first appeared in a Warren Miller film was in 2002’s Storm. Since then, PNH, based out of Cordova, Alaska, has become a regular feature in our films. Over the years, countless skiers and snowboarders have made the journey to the Chugach Mountains, knowing that when the goods are good, monumental moments are made. No strangers to big lines, steep drops and extreme heli landings, seasoned big mountain skiers Tanner Rainville and Forrest Jillson feel right at home in this terrain. Bringing with them plenty of experience, excitement and enthusiasm, they take on a mix of iconic lines and new PNH territory. Primed for the Alaskan goods, Tanner and Forrest aim to leave their own stamp on Chugach skiing history.

Segment Notes Alaska

Photo Credit: Brad Holmes

Featured Athlete(s):

Jonny Moseley, Marcus Caston


Marcus Caston was never trained to be a ‘traditional’ mogul skier within the confines of perfectly manicured hand-built bump courses. Rather, he grew up as a ski racer who loved the ebbs and flows of the naturally formed bumps on big mountain terrain that allowed for such dynamic skiing. Like the “hot doggers” of yore, his style is fun, funky, and outside the boundaries of any traditional mogul skiing rules. In his 7th Warren Miller feature, Marcus heads to Squaw Valley in search of classic spring slush bump skiing, meeting up with friends like Jonny Moseley along the way. From the top of the famous mogul run, Chute 75, to the bottom of the KT-22 lift, these bump skiers revel in everything spring skiing should be: sunny days, big moguls, and fun times with friends.

Featured Athlete(s):

Danny Davis, Elena Hight, Nick Russel, Doug Stoup


Pro snowboarders Elena Hight, Danny Davis and Nick Russell have been around the world on their boards, but never did they expect to find themselves on an expedition to the most remote wilderness at the Earth’s end: The Antarctic Peninsula. Journeying deep into a rugged landscape shaped by glaciers, icebergs, icy blue waters, and more recently, climate change, the trio lays witness to the untamed beauty of Antarctica while earning their turns down some of the continent’s most infamous mountains. Led by Ice Axe Expeditions and partnering with Protect Our Winters, Elena, Danny and Nick take on the final frontier. 

Segment Notes Antarctica



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