Timeless Segment Teaser - Jackson Hole


Featured Athletes: Caite Zeliff, Rob DesLauriers, Kit DesLauriers, Forrest Jillson & Cam Fitzpatrick There’s a place in Wyoming where the buffalo still roam, the cowboys still ride, and the West is still wild, where skiers come together. Some, like 2019 “Queen of Corbet's” Caite Zeliff, come to Jackson Hole to make it big in the world of freeriding. Others, like Rob and Kit DesLauriers, who have already made it as ski industry veterans, settle in Jackson to raise their daughters Grace and Tia in the mountains. And some, like natives Forrest Jillson and Cam Fitzpatrick, decide to stay in Jackson because it will always be home, and there’s no place else they’d rather be skiing.


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