Featured Athletes: Scot Schmidt, John Egan, Dan Egan, Tom Day, Jack Lovely, Maria Lovely, Parkin Costain

The 1980’s will forever be remembered as the decade that gave us both retro onesies and a period of ski evolution. “Extreme skiing” was coined as freestyle pioneers began pushing the limits of ski descents, going bigger and steeper than ever before. Leading the revolution were guys like Scot Schmidt, Tom Day, and brothers John and Dan Egan, the original freeskiing trailblazers. Now a U.S. Ski Hall of Famer, Scot Schmidt started his extreme skiing career in Warren Miller’s 1983 “Ski Time.” New England natives John and Dan Egan, also Hall of Famers, carried extreme skiing straight through the ‘90s, along with Tom Day, who after a decade in front of the lens, picked up the camera to become one of the most renowned ski filmmakers of our time.

Returning to the Warren Miller silver screen, these extreme skiing legends reunite to pass the torch to a new generation of big mountain skiers, like local athletes Maria and Jack Lovely and Parkin Costain. Pushing the envelope of the sport today, these young guns take heed of the legends that came before as they carry on the evolution of skiing.

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